Luminaire for T5 fluorescent lamps with direct light distribution. Luminaire is equipped with double parabolic louvre made of anodised aluminium, suitable for VDU workstations (max. luminance of light emitting area is in accordance with EN 12464-1). Luminaire housing made of 0,6mm sheet steel, white powder coated finish (RAL9003). Another material of louvre or another surface finish available on request. Luminaire is designed for direct mounting on solid surface or for suspended installation.
Individual luminaires BOXY LINE are joined together by using of sheet steel connecting pieces, inserted inside luminaire profiles. Lighting row BOXY LINE consists of the first F (first) and the last L (last) piece . Between first and last,  T (through) pieces are inserted. Through wiring 3×1,5mm2 or 5×1,5mm2 for quick interconnection of single luminaires is integral part of F and T pieces.    

Lamp holderG5
Ingress protectionIP40
Weight2-10  4kg

• SUR – mounting on solid surfaces
• SUS – suspended luminaire

• PSL (parabolic specular louvre) – polished, anodized aluminium, double parabolic louvre with glare prevention
• PML (parabolic matt louvre) – matt, anodized aluminium, double parabolic louvre
• louvre attached to the housing with fast-mounting springs, tool free lamp replacement.

• electronic control gear for linear fluorescent lamps T5
• lamp holders G5
• 3 or 5-pole screwless terminal block with strain relief, max. 2,5mm2
• cable opening entry completed with cable gland
• possibility of mounting into one continuous lighting row

• including lamps
• wired with multi-watt control gear
• wired with emergency unit (1 or 3h)
• wired with dimmable electronic control gear (DIM 1-10V, DSI, DALI)
• various colour finishing




TypeA (mm)B (mm)H (mm)X (mm)kg
BOXY LINE DIR  F   T5 1×28/54W1190120581150 2,5
BOXY LINE DIR  L   T5 1×28/54W1190120581150 2,1
BOXY LINE DIR  T   T5 1×28/54W1170120581170 2,5
BOXY LINE DIR  F   T5 1×35/49/80W1490120581450 3,4
BOXY LINE DIR  L   T5 1×35/49/80W1490120581450 3
BOXY LINE DIR  T   T5 1×35/49/80W14701205814703,4
BOXY LINE DIR  F   T5 2×28/54W1190120581150 2,5
BOXY LINE DIR  L   T5 2×28/54W11901205811502,1
BOXY LINE DIR  T   T5 2×28/54W11701205811702,5
BOXY LINE DIR  F   T5 2×35/49/80W1490120581450 3,4
BOXY LINE DIR  L   T5 2×35/49/80W14901205814503
BOXY LINE DIR  T   T5 2×35/49/80W14701205814703,4



BOL0F0000T51028BOXY LINE DIR F T5 1x28W
BOL0L0000T51028BOXY LINE DIR L T5 1x28W
BOL0T0000T51028BOXY LINE DIR T T5 1x28W
BOL0F0000T51054BOXY LINE DIR F T5 1x54W
BOL0L0000T51054BOXY LINE DIR L T5 1x54W
BOL0T0000T51054BOXY LINE DIR T T5 1x54W
BOL0F0000T51035BOXY LINE DIR F T5 1x35W
BOL0L0000T51035BOXY LINE DIR L T5 1x35W
BOL0T0000T51035BOXY LINE DIR T T5 1x35W
BOL0F0000T51049BOXY LINE DIR F T5 1x49W
BOL0L0000T51049BOXY LINE DIR L T5 1x49W
BOL0T0000T51049BOXY LINE DIR T T5 1x49W
BOL0F0000T51080BOXY LINE DIR F T5 1x80W
BOL0L0000T51080BOXY LINE DIR L T5 1x80W
BOL0T0000T51080BOXY LINE DIR T T5 1x80W
BOL0F0000T52028BOXY LINE DIR F T5 2x28W
BOL0L0000T52028BOXY LINE DIR L T5 2x28W
BOL0T0000T52028BOXY LINE DIR T T5 2x28W
BOL0F0000T52054BOXY LINE DIR F T5 2x54W
BOL0L0000T52054BOXY LINE DIR L T5 2x54W
BOL0T0000T52054BOXY LINE DIR T T5 2x54W
BOL0F0000T52035BOXY LINE DIR F T5 2x35W
BOL0L0000T52035BOXY LINE DIR L T5 2x35W
BOL0T0000T52035BOXY LINE DIR T T5 2x35W
BOL0F0000T52049BOXY LINE DIR F T5 2x49W
BOL0L0000T52049BOXY LINE DIR L T5 2x49W
BOL0T0000T52049BOXY LINE DIR T T5 2x49W
BOL0F0000T52080BOXY LINE DIR F T5 2x80W
BOL0L0000T52080BOXY LINE DIR L T5 2x80W
BOL0T0000T52080BOXY LINE DIR T T5 2x80W



Control gear Optics Colour Lamp Emergency unit Accessories
ECG PSL RAL 9003   M1h  
DIM 1-10V PML RAL 9006   M3h  
DALI   RAL 9007     

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