Lightning Projects

Lighting projects

Lighting design should start from architect’s proposal and in accordance with technical possibilities, should fulfil both functional and aestethic role.

Important role by lighting design plays very detailed specification of customer’s ideas. For correct lighting calculation it is important to know informations about single space and used luminaires. In case of space it is important to know it’s dimensions, colour of surfaces, type of ceiling, type of activities that are performed in considered area, ambient temperature, daylight penetration and other important input criteria. With regard to luminaires, it is important to have an idea about type, considered place and type of installation.

Lighting design and calculation itself is carry out according to valid standards (EN 12464: Light and lighting – lighting of indoor work places, EN 1838: Emergency lighting) with regard to all important parameters contained in these standards: intensity of illumination, minimum colour rendering index, prevention of disturbing glare or requirements for lighting uniformity. Following the best possible energy efficiency and quality of light, exact types of luminaires and light sources are specified. The exact positions are draw in, operation conditions of lighting installation are defined, as well as cleaning of luminaires and lamp replacement. Lighting control systems are specified on request, positions of movement sensors or regulation of light intensity according to amount of daylight could be projected. The output is complete worked-out documentation, that contains all necessary basis for trouble free realization with requested final effect. For better imagination about lighting conditions in considered space, we offer 3D visualization or demonstrative video that enables virtual walk through the object.

Important step in realization itself is assurance of building completion. For trouble free installation it is necessary to compare dimension of recessed or atypical luminaires with real status, to provide correct location of luminaire’s connectors slots. Specific luminaire types need mounting boxes, by the other it is necessary to count with placement of electrical accessories. This relate to early delivery of specific mounting instructions and answering of technical questions to companies, that realize installation of luminaires. At the same time we offer consultations and support by service works – like activation of the system, setting of lighting scenes and similiar. In case of need for verification of hygienic requirements, we are also perfoming control measuremnts of illumination.

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