BASIC LED 1x3L, 1x4L

Recessed luminaire for ceilings with exposed grids, module size 600x600 or 625x625. Luminaire housing made of 0,6mm sheet steel, white powder coated finish (RAL9003). For better heat dissipation, more powerful versions are using aluminum mounting plate under LED modules - this ensures long life of LED chips 50.000hod. The louvre is fixed to housing with quick clamping springs, tool free.





Lamp LED
Class I
Ingress protection IP40
Weight 2,4-3kg






• RT600 - recessed luminaire, ceiling with exposed grids, module size 600x600
• RT625 - recessed luminaire, ceiling with exposed grids, module size 625x625
• R - recessed luminaire, plasterboard ceiling
• installation into another ceiling types on request


• PML (parabolic matt louvre) – matt, anodized, aluminium, double parabolic louvre with glare prevention
• PSL (parabolic specular louvre) – polished, anodized, aluminium, double parabolic louvre with glare prevention

Direct light distribution. The luminaire is suitable for workstations with monitors: luminance of light emitting area is in accordance with EN 12464-1: Light and lighting - lighting of indoor workplaces. Luminance of light emitting area do not exceed the value of 1500 cd/m2 above the limit angle 65°, value UGR<19.


• linear LED modules fixed at bottom luminaire housing, by more powerful versions LED modules are mounted on aluminium heatsink
• electronic LED driver
• terminal block with strain relief, max. 2,5mm2


• wiring with emergency unit (1 or 3h)
• wiring with dimmable electronic control gear (DSI, DALI)
• various colour finishing
• fast connectors (Wieland, Wago)



TYPE * System power (W) Equivalent A (mm) B (mm) H (mm) kg
BASIC LED 1x3L RT600 2750lm 23 3x14W T5 595 595 67  2,4
BASIC LED 1x3L RT600 4050lm 33 3x24W T5 595 595 67 2,8
BASIC LED 1x4L RT600 3600lm 30 4x14W T5 595 595 67 2,6
BASIC LED 1x4L RT600 5400lm 44  4x24W T5  595  595 67 3

* net lumen output of the luminaire


Code Type
BB30RT60LE02750 BASIC LED1x3L RT600 2750lm
BB30RT60LE04050 BASIC LED1x3L RT600 4050lm
BB40RT60LE03600 BASIC LED1x4L RT600 3600lm
BB40RT60LE05400 BASIC LED1x4L RT600 5400lm


CCT Optics CRI Control gear Colour Accessories
3000K MIRO5 + DIF 80 ECG M 3h
4000K MIRO4 + DIF DIM 1-10V M 1h
6500K DSI Wieland
          DALI       Isodom